She Saw SAW.

Do you know SAW that is a terrible movie.
Tonight, I went to a movie to watch the final screen.
SAW is the best horror film in the current year, I think.
But I can't say that story.
If you watch that by yourself, you may change your view of life.

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An Acrobat

Today, when I came back from the station to my home, I met an acrobat on the way.
She was riding on a bicycle and she was gripping the handlebar in both hands.
She was talking to herself in a loud voice on her bicycle.
I looked hard at her, I noticed that she put her mobile phone between her neck and shoulder without hand.

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A Bumpy

It was sunny today.

I saw an office girl on my way home.
Her hips volume was same as her belly volume.
I didn't understand why she put on such a tight mini skirt that made her body form stand out.

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Some Imaginations

It was humid wet today.

I had many troubles today.
They happened because I imagined that something right.
I should have thought once more.

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A Lot Of Peculiar People

It was cluday followed by rain.

I saw a lot of peculiar people today.
One of them, an office worker was telling some strange phrases to oneself with walking.
He was saying "Don't talk silly, Don't talk silly, Don't talk silly...." .

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Mother's Day

It was drizzly.

Today was Mother's Day.
I and my daughter gave the carnation to our mother, then she was very glad.
Father's Day will come for me next month.

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A Thursday Sickness

It was sunny today.

The Golden Week (from April 29 through May 5, both of which are public holidays) was finished yesterday.
I played too much, and ate too much, and I was drunk too much.
Then I was A Thursday Sickness today.

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A Golf Competition

It was fine today.

Today, I won the golf competition that was opened at Ymamanashi-Ken with my friends.
I got a lot of money and an expensive putter.
I thought that I will buy a new utility club with that money.

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At Station

It was overcast.

When I was getting on an express train, I saw a strange sight in a non-stop station.
Many station staffs stood in a line, and they each confirmed safety by pointing in both directions on the platforms.
I thought they were new faces.

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Playing Golf

It was sunny with a few clouds.

I played golf at Tochigi-ken, that took about two hours half by car.
My score was not so good, but I enjoyed playing golf.
I want to make a score less than 100 in the next play.

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